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When the girl woke up, she was at station on the sea.

She can’t remember why she is here——

The girl decided to find a way to go home,

where her family is waiting——

About Soramame Games

Soramame Games are developing Labyrinth (tentative title), a full-scale 3D puzzle solving game for mobile.

The concept of this game is to “full-scale 3D puzzle” × “touching stories” on your mobile. Using the Unreal Engine, you can enjoy a full-fledged 3D game on your mobile and a story that completes in a full voice & real-time event scene.

Our dream is to have an impressive gaming experience with a lot of people around the world in our work. We are not a professional, but we are making our work every day with the aim to please people from all over the world.

We want people around the world to play this game. And we need your support to create a version for many different countries.

Thinking of the possibility of complete to making this game, we finally decided to it would be better to open the production of this work and to cooperate with many people.

So, we are looking for members to help us complete this game!

For the people who support us, we decided to release the production’s materials as benefits.

Support benefits


  • Publish all specifications (Japanese Only)
    Includes all the story spoilers.
  • UE4 production materials will be released (Japanese Only)
    We will publish the implementation method of this game as a document sequentially. Mainly uses Unreal Engine 4.


  • Translation work
    When the game is completed to some extent, we would like you to cooperate in translation into your language.
  • Game advice and questionnaires
    We want feedback on game systems, puzzles and stories.
  • Register to staff roll
    The name will be put on the staff roll when the game is completed. (Applicants only)

What can be seen without support

Part of UE4 project “Labyrinth”

Publish UE4 projects that can be published. Does not include non-shareable data such as marketplace assets.

※It is currently in preparation※

Part of UE4 project “The Cursed Marketplace”

※It is currently in preparation※

How to Support

The way you help us is with Patreon. Use the links below to access Patreon and select a support plan.

If you are interested in this game and would like to support, please feel free to support us as much as possible!
Thank you.

Soramame Games